Emergency Contacts You Should Always Have


As adults, we have numerous responsibilities and it’s up to us to be adequately prepared for anything that comes our way. However, life is unpredictable and an emergency can arise at any moment. No matter how much we try to stay five steps ahead, there’s always one of those days when something comes up out of the blue. We’ve all experienced this first hand.

So, how can we stay prepared and handle such situations? Well, the best way to stay prepared for an emergency is to have the contacts of people who are equipped to handle the situation that has arisen. It’s important to have a list of emergency contacts either written down on paper or on your phone that you can access at all times.

With the Juajiji Business Listing, all emergency contacts are in the palm of your hands. Whether you need a plumber to help you fix a broken sink or a doctor to attend to you in the middle of the night, we got you. The Juajiji Business Listing makes it easy to physically bookmark the relevant emergency contacts.

Now that you know where to find all emergency contacts, here are some that you should always have.

Family Doctor

What’s bigger than a medical emergency? With rising numbers of lifestyle diseases, you can never tell when you or a loved one need urgent medical attention. In such a situation, a few minutes could be crucial in saving the person’s life. This is why the family doctor’s name and contacts should be first on your emergency contacts list. A doctor will walk you through what to do in a medical emergency. It’s also easier to access ambulance or emergency room services if you call a doctor or nurse directly on their personal number rather than calling the hospital line.


If you have a pet or an animal in your care, you need to have a veterinarian on your emergency contacts list. However, this doesn’t cross our minds until our furry friends have a medical emergency. Animals can also fall sick unexpectedly leaving you feeling helpless if you don’t know who to contact. Having the contacts of a veterinarian allows you to have access to health care for your pet or animal in the event of an emergency or if you simply need to consult a specialist.

Local Police Station

It’s always good to have the number of your local police station or a police officer in the event of a security emergency. Imagine there’s a burglar in your home, what will you do? Scream for help? Call your neighbour? The chances are your neighbours won’t come to help you until the robbers have gone since they’re scared of endangering their lives. There’s a better solution. Call the police. They’ll respond and send officers to arrest the intruders or resolve any other security issues you may have.

Insurance Agent

There are a number of reasons you need your insurance agent’s number. You might need clarification on your insurance policy. For instance, some home insurance policies don’t cover business properties. If you work from home or start a home business, this is something you should look into. Additionally, most life changes such as purchasing a new home, starting a new job, or traveling outside the country will somehow affect your insurance cover. This means your insurance agent should be on your emergency contact list.


Knowing your neighbours is not only good for socializing but also for emergency purposes. Your neighbour is literally the closest person to your home. Therefore, they are most likely going to get you your house fast in case you have an emergency. It’s also important to be aware of who you live next to for your own safety.


Family Members

We all know the importance of having your family members’ contacts. However, many of us don’t save them as an emergency contact. A situation can arise where you don’t have your phone or any means of contacting your kin. By adding them to your emergency contact list, someone can access the list and contact them on your behalf.

Class Teacher

As a parent, the class teacher’s number should be on your emergency contact list and vice versa. The class teacher is the link between you and your child while they are in school. Therefore, you need to be in contact with them to know how your child is doing. They also need to contact you in case your child has an emergency. Always have your child’s class teacher’s number.

Power Company

Whether you live in an apartment or your own home, you will need to contact the power company at least once in your life. There could be unusual power surges, your meter box could have an issue or there could be an unexplained prolonged blackout in your area.


If you know, you know. A mechanic is as important as a doctor if you have a car. When you break down on the highway and your attempts to revive your car proves futile, a mechanic’s number is like a saving grace. When you call them, they’ll be by your side in a few minutes to inspect your car and let you know whether you’ll be taking your car or an Uber home.

Water Company

Sometimes, a water outage could be the water company’s fault. You may end up sitting in silence for weeks and paying plumbers to fix a problem that isn’t there. Therefore, if you have a water problem, before contacting a plumber, call your local water company to confirm that your meter is working.


Clogged toilets, leaking faucets, rusty pipes… These are all common problems many people experience in their homes. Not to mention, they can be very frustrating. This is why you should have a plumber on your emergency contact list.


An unattended electrical problem can cause more harm to your premises. It’s not only an accident hazard but also it can run up a huge electrical bill. When you experience any electrical problems, you should contact your electrician immediately.



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